Architecture, nature and wellbeing


The close relationship between neurons, beauty, arts, and wellbeing. How our mirror neurons observe other people’s behavior and perceive environment? The concept of therapeutic architecture and how a hospital can be therapeutic just by architecture and environment…

Interesting article by Maria Giulia Marini, an Italian epidemiologist and counselor at the Centre of Medical Humanities website.


3 thoughts on “Architecture, nature and wellbeing

  1. Virna, I love the photo you have used of the beautiful setting of Falling Water
    in Pennsylvania designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You are so right that buildings and gardens, if designed well, can be very therapeutic.

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  2. Interesting indeed Since it costs very little more to beautify a medical space , why don’t hospitals and the nhs pay more attention to this? There should be healing art ( and music) in wards?

    Love James on Spanish sunshine beach and feeling well healed

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