DISEASE is a poetry anthology which I organised with poet and doctor Rushika Wick and Serbian poet Ana Seferovic. This collaborative project involves exciting contemporary poets and some visual artists, from the UK and abroad, writing and expressing their ideas on the subject on disease, be it from a physical, mental and/or social perspective. The interesting cover is an artwork by Anna Ruback, a fine artist and photographer based in London who explores her fascination with the human body.

This project was made possible thanks to our kind supporters on Kickstarter.


Ágnes Lehóczky | Alice Merry | Ana Seferovic | Andrea Christofidou| Anna Ruback | Astra Papachristodoulou | bonnie hancell | Brit Parks | Charles A. Perrone | Charlotte Lunn | Chris Kerr | Chris Blewitt | Chris Gutkind | Claire Cox | Dani Salvadori |Davi de Lacerda |Domenico Salas| Dubravka Đurić | Eduardo Jorge | Ellen Jenkins | Fernando Naporano | Fran Lock | Francis H. Powell | Golnoosh Nour | Hannah Copley | Ilias Tsagas | Ivana Maksić | Johny Brown | Julia Rose Lewis & Nathan Hyland Walker | Kate Simpson | Kirsty Allison | K. P. Kavafis | Manoella Valadares | Matt Bates | Matthew Haigh | Max Henninger | Michael Horovitz | Natalie Stypa | Nina Zivancevic | Oliver Zarandi | Peter J. King | Renan Iha | Rushika Wick | Sascha A. Akhtar | SJ Fowler | Slana Detox | Sitron Panopoulos | |Stuart McKenzie | Svetlana Rakočević | Sylee Gore | Tamara Šuškić | Tom Rosas | Tracey Pearson | Vanessa Vie | Virna Teixeira

The anthology is available to buy on Carnaval Press’s website and is currently with a 20% discount for UK delivery. Discount also available for international delivery + postage costs (in that case contact email carnavalpress@gmail.com